As we near our official launch, yes the launch, Bonded has made continued progress.

Stacking Update

DEPO — In terms of what is forthcoming, we are happy to announce that Depo, an upcoming IDO on Jigstak’s Lemonade launchpad, will be participating in the Stacking Rewards Programme. Please stay tuned for official word on how Bond LPs will benefit. Listing

Order of Operations

We are genuinely excited as this marks the start of Bonded Finance the network. We are also happy to confirm as per our roadmap we are on track.

CTO Update

Business Development & Conclusion

Given that the bearish structure in the market has returned, we would like to remind that we are building for the long term. We did not skimp on development and made some unpopular decisions in terms of timing our product rollout. Delays played a large part which we rightfully own but Bonded has also deliberately deployed additional resources and did not shy away from rebuilding when we felt that we had something functional but not future proof. Along the way, we’ve continued our business development efforts and have geared our alignments to both capture short-term sentiment while eyeing longer-term network benefits via the Stacking rewards and bonding the token to all network activities.


Algorithmic smart instruments and decentralised financial products for digital assets.