Bonded Uniswap: Official Pool Launch

Rewarding 1% Of Our Total Supply To LP’s

From the Bonded Team:

With our IDO winding down, we’d like to preview the coming days ahead.

As much progress as we’ve made in a short time, one of our initiatives is to develop and reward our growing community. Though business and technical development remain at the forefront, we hope to inspire users everywhere to partake in DeFi.

To begin this mission of interacting and earning, Bonded Finance is thrilled to announce that we will be providing liquidity for the BOND/ETH pair on Uniswap beginning on Wednesday, November 25th. This official pool launch will be followed by our first community-based liquidity mining program.

Date: Wednesday, November 25th at 14:00 UTC

Supported Pair: BOND/ETH

Given the mishaps and manipulation that have occurred with Uniswap listings immediately following sales, the Bonded team felt that post 72 hours would allow for fair distribution and adequate preparations while bringing us closer to launching our liquidity mining program.

Following the provision of liquidity, the ETH/BOND rewards pool will be launched with final details to be published. Simply, providers of liquidity of the BOND/ETH pair will receive Bond. And quite a bit. We have dedicated 10m tokens that were unsold during the IDO for liquidity providers. This number represents 1% of the total supply.

The BOND/ETH LP tokens will be generated by liquidity to the Uniswap pair. Simply provision your liquidity and claim your Bond when you’d like. Soon enough, users will be able to stake them on our platform when we go live in December!

For the BOND rewards, we wanted to kick things off in grand fashion and have allocated 1% of our total supply from the unsold tokens to those who provide liquidity — to be distributed over just two months. These 10m Bond tokens will be awarded in addition to the customary fees generated on Uniswap. Given that we have allocated a fixed number of BOND, we can’t offer a corresponding APY but know that this number far exceeds typical incentivized liquidity pools.

While further instructions are forthcoming, there are no catches. Users can unstake immediately by withdrawing their staked Uniswap BOND/ETH LP token.

We hope this incentivizes users to continue or begin their journey in liquidity mining by participating in the Bond pool for some pretty awesome rewards. Please stay tuned for details.

To Summarize:

Wednesday, November 25th at 14:00 UTC

Supported Pairs: BOND/ETH


Liquidity Mining Start Date: To be announced

Total rewards: 10 million BOND

Duration: 60 days

Reward Rate: Each block

Withdraw limitations: None

APY: Variable*

*Given that we have allocated a fixed amount of BOND, the APY will be determined by the participation of the liquidity providers.

Stay tuned for a more detailed post with instructions for staking into the pool and earning rewards. We look forward to our first listing on Wednesday.

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